effective treat blepharospasm and strabismus for more than 20 years.

Botox is a simple and non-invasive method of dynamic wrinkle and line reduction in facial areas

There is only Botox produced by Allergan in Turkey. There is no china botox or something like that. Allergan is the only company that manufactures Botox in all over the world. The origin of the product is USA. They come to us in vials and is diluted in a certain extent before usage. One vial contains 100 IU botox. Botox is applied to patient as needed. Therefore there is no requirement that one bottle of botox is used for two patients. Once botox is diluted by SF, it has to used in 24-48 hours.

Botox Applications


Some doctors who are performing botox injection rarely, can proposed to their patient to come with someone else wants botox application because of this. You do not have to come with someone else who wants botox application in our clinic. Required amount of botox will be applied to you.

Armpit perspiration botox may be slightly expensive than the others. Botox application is performed with a needle. It usually disturbs slightly and there is no need to anesthesia. It affects in 4-7 days, controlled in third weeks. Its effect continues for 4 months in 60 % of practitioners. Impact is continuous less than 4 months in 20 % practitioners and more than 4 months in 20 % practitioners. Application should not be repeated before 6 months.