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Hair loss and treatments for all hair and scalp problems


There is no limit of age in hair transplantations.
Especially teens are in a flap and make wrong decisions when hair loss begin.

In order to get the expected results in hair transplantaion operations, a progressive planning should be done.

If you are young and you have started losing your hair a little bit from the front side, it will be healthier to plan your hair transplant considering that your hair loss will increase in the next coming years.

Hair transplantation can be applied not only to haired skin but also brows, mustache and beard.

Everyone can have hair transplantion operation who have problems explained below:

  • Masculine hair loss
  • Feminine hair loss
  • Hair loss areas from inborn
  • Hair loss due to wounds and burn scars
  • Accident and operation scars(like head injury and face stretching operation)
  • Hair loss after having an infection
  • Hair loss after hair were tensiled extremely (Traction alopecia)
  • Hair loss after having a psychological disorder called trichotilomania. At this disorder patients replace their hair and bristles invariably.


Hair Transplantation Techniques: Method of FUE | Method of FUT | Laser Assisted



There is only one difference between fut and fue methods. It is the method of taking follicles. All other stages are same.

  • At Fue technique; Hair are taken in groups of 1 and 2.
  • At Fut technique; Hairs are taken collectively by the expert team then they are separated to singlet.

There is a risk about scar like a thin line at nape.

Although everyones’ stiches are same, some people can have scars on the side which the hair are taken due to tissue nutrition.

At fue, there is no scar at nape after the operation.

In both methods; on the area that hair transplant is made there is no scar after operation and there is no difference between your hair.

In both methods transplantation and anaesthesia stages are same.


Laser being used in diverse fields in medical science as a purpose of treatment.

Laser is being used as a treatment in many fields of medicine. With Hairmax Laser Comb using Low –Level Laser Theraphy (LLLT) technology;

  • Cessation of hair loss
  • Providing the hair to grow again
  • Increasing hair growth, faster growing hair, more vibrant color
  • It is possible to expedite convalescence after the hair transplantation operation
  • Lasercomb implementation recommended 2-3 times per week, is often used in our hospital.